Jason Parker was a henchman who worked for Sam Sinister


Quest for the Golden TreesEdit

Parker was one of a group of henchmen sent to locate the legendary Golden Forest. During this time he was repeatedly wounded by adventurer Laura Craft, an act he would later attempt to gain revenge for. He and the other henchmen were eventually foiled.

Quest for AtlantisEdit

Parker secretly followed Craft into an Egyptian tomb. Eventually the two encountered each other and Parker learned that Craft was searching for the lost city of Atlantis, and the supposed treasure within. He proposed an alliance and Craft reluctantly accepted his help. After they learned about a mysterious sphere, which was in reality a map to Atlantis, was stolen from the museum by Rudo Villano, and the group had to travel to the Amazon.

The two had to work together. Parker was then quite shocked when he found that Craft had been captured by Palomar's men, and, knowing the information she had, was forced to rescue her. The two eventually managed to get a boat down the Amazon river, and Craft soon found the gateway to Atlantis.

Parker and Craft were forced to work together through several perils of Atlantis. However, eventually, along with a group of Henchmen, Parker betrayed Craft, planning to steal her artifacts. He followed her to Hidden Dino Island, where a tough struggle ensued, he was last seen attempting to follow Craft in an expedition baloon piloted by Harry Cane