Patrick Chancer
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Full Commander
Gender Male
Race Minifig
Faction Adventurers
Health Normal
Level Adventurer
Status Alive
Location Dino Island

Patrick Chancer is a LEGOLAND Navy Full Commander, assigned to assist the Adventurers. He is most well known for rescuing the crew of the vessel he served on from a pirate attack.



Chancer served outside the Adventurers originally. His ship was once attacked by modernized pirates, who captured all the sailors but Chancer. Chancer evaded them, and eventually freed the captain. Gradually, they freed the rest of the crew, and the sailors overtook the pirates and captured both vessels. In the fight, only one of the pirates survived, and had been hunting down Chancer's fellow sailors ever since in revenge.


After the events mentioned before, Chancer was reassigned to help the Adventurers organization in the discovery and protection of treasures. He based himself on Hidden Dino Island, and generally fought the Lords of Gold henchman for dinosaurs, although he occasionally took a trip to the Amazon or Egypt.

More recently, Chancer traveled to the Amazon jungle and learned of the Villains' Alliance attack on the National Museum. He decided to hunt down a shipment of artifacts from the gods' alloy exhibit purchased on the black market by Senor Palomar and the Neo-Conquistadors. He made an agreement with a group of natives, and used several explosives to lure the Neo-Conquistadors onshore, along with the treasure. As the natives fought most of the Neo-Conquistadors, he followed two henchman into the jungle and faced off against them. During the spar, he was overpowered by a henchman in a torn-up amalgam of military uniforms. He was almost killed by the henchman, who revealed himself to be the pirate survivor of the attack a few years earlier, named Major Johann Koht. However, one of the natives used some vines to tear the maddened Koht away from Chancer. Once the natives captured Koht, Chancer officially captured the treasure and took it back to base.

Unfortunately, the Adventurers discovered that only part of the shipment--an alchemy journal and five ingots of gods' alloy--had been sent to Senor Palomar due a disagreement between the Villains' Alliance and the Neo-Conquistadors. Determined to finish the job, Commander Chancer left for Egypt to intercept the last five ingots before a team of Neo-Conquistadors could.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Commander Chancer is a typical naval officer--dutiful, valorous, and loyal--but also holds an interest in history and aritfacts, due to several visits to the National Museum. He is also a decent markman, and has a knack for stealth.