Captain Roy Bishop is a former RAF pilot who works for the Adventurers.


First World WarEdit

When the first World war broke out in 1914, Roy enlisted in the RAF, where he befriended several pilots including Captain Jones and Group Captain Williams. He was discharged from the army when the war ended in 1918.


Several months before the raid on the National Museum, Roy's biplane was shot down by henchmen of Sam Sinister. Roy managed to survive the crash, but was captured by henchmen of Sam Sinister. He was forced into revealing information about the National Museum.

Raid in the MuseumEdit

Sam Sinister's men brought Roy with them to the national museum. He was forced to gain them access. However durng the actual raid, Roy was able to escape his captors. He locked himself in a storage room, where he remained until he was found by adventurer Laura Craft. Initially he was somewhat hostile towards her but she quickly managed to earn his respect.

Trip to EgyptEdit

Roy continued to help Laura and David investigate the raided museum, although he had to spend a large portion watching over a badly injured Dr. Templey. After they made their plan of action Roy arranged transportation to Egypt. Following David's unexpected capture, Roy helped Laura to capture henchman Slyboots, who Laura bribed with false artifacts for information.

After David escaped and reunited with the group, Roy was willing to get them a plane to Hidden Dino Island. However along the way, the plane was shot down and crashed somewhere in the Amazon, where they were found by Rudo Villano. However, Gabarros, who was currently helping Senor Palomar reach Dino Island, was willing to smuggle the group of adventurers in the boat's cargo hold.

Dino IslandEdit

Roy's role in events on Dino Island was somewhat minor, although it was he who initially found the villains campsite. Laura hired Roy to help her get to China.


The two arrived at a hotel where they stayed for the night. David, Templey, and Jack arrived the following morning. While at the hotel, Roy met up with Captain Jones, an old friend of his from the First World War. Jones told them about some ruins and artifacts at the great wall of China. Laura, David, and Jack went to investigate, and Roy was dissapointed when they returned and told him that Jones had betrayed them.

Roy accompanied Laura and David on the next big expedition, when they were called to a military base, where they met up with Tom Kakir who told them they had to look for a valuable artifact


  • The name "Roy Bishop" is a reference to Canadian World War I pilots Roy Brown and Billy Bishop
  • in the Dino Attack RPG, a young woman named Kate Bishop appears. It is implied through dialogue that she is Roy's grandaughter.