Rudo Villano is a henchman of Señor Palomar.


The SundiskEdit

Villano was Palomar's main henchman. It isn't known for sure exactly when they first met, but in contrast to Sam Sinister's attitude towards Slyboots, Palomar was quick to accept Rudo's help.

Rudo accompanied Palomar to the Amazon in search of the legendary Sundisk, the two eventually found what appeared to be the location of the sundisk (in reality it only contained contained one of many false sundisks), and found that Achu was guarding, they promptly attacked the tribal leader. However the Adventurers unexpectedly arrived and along with Palomar, Villano was captured, both eventually escaped, Palomar swearing revenge against Johnny Thunder, Villano supporting him all the way.

Later WorkEdit

Villano often helped Palomar to find artifacts for his private collection after the expedition.

One notable case was that Rudo made one of the few successful attempts to steal an artifact from the National Museum prior to the raid by Sam Sinister's villains alliance, in which he managed to steal a mysterious sphere that was later revealed to be an map to Atlantis. Laura Craft would later track down Rudo and Palomar and reclaim the artifact during her quest for Atlantis


  • Like many characters in the Adventurers line, Villano's first name has been the subject of dispute, some sources have given him the first name "Max", while others have identified him as "Rudo", eventually it was decided that since most official LEGO Sources identify him as "Rudo", that he would be referred to as such. However prior to this descision, he was referred to as "Max" during the Atlantean Quest