' 'Slyboots is a somewhat dim-witted Henchman of Sam Sinister.



Slyboots first met Sam Sinister in Egypt. Sam was not too fond of his clumsiness but reluctantly accepted his help. Slyboots accompanied Sam on several attempts to stop the adventurers from finding lost treasures that Sam wanted for his own private collection. During one of these attempts, Slyboots was able to prove his worth to Sam when, after being driven away from an archeological dig by the adventurers, Slyboots managed to steal a diamond in all the confusion.

Later QuestsEdit

Slyboots often later tried to help Sam stop the adventurers. He usually worked in Egypt, but occasionally visited other places. He often found himself crossing paths with Laura Craft, usually these encounters ended in disaster.

Raid on the MuseumEdit

It is unknown for sure if Slyboots himself was involved with the museum raid, but he apparently did know many of the details. After Dr. David Norman was kidnapped, Laura and Roy Bishop managed to capture Slyboots.

Dr. Craft proceeded to tie him up in what appeared to be a tomb (in reality a small museum) and bribing him with several false artifacts, including a diamond (a piece of wood painted silver), a sceptor allegedly belonging to the great pharoh Charlie Chaplin (a toy sceptor from the gift shop), and a tablet with hyroglyphs, (a hyroglyph poster)

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Slyboots isn't the brightest henchman. Many of his attempts to steal artifacts from adventurers end in disaster


  • Slyboots was sometimes refered to Sam Sinister in some media early in the Adventurers line